You are a traveller passing by the Calirum Desert. One night you find merchant that invited you to play the Song of Calirum, the most famous card game on the entire Desert. The night is calm and you decide to give that stranger a chance. Just be careful the Calirish have a very strange sense of humour.

Game Objective

The objective of the game is to find a path and complete the challenges requested by this path. How do you find a path you ask? Well, that is up to you to figure it out.
Gameplay and General Rules

This is a game of choices. The player is presented with an event and a series of possible choices. The player will pick the most advantageous option regarding his/her strategy. This is also a game about managing a finite pull of resources and we are not talking only about physical resources (like gold or food) but also psychological resources (like sanity or charisma).
In this representation of the board, you can see the various game's elements.

A: the event B: the choices: selecting these choices is the only action the player can do. C: your capacity: these pebbles show you how much inventory space you have left. D: your resources: you can see here all the resources you gathered in your adventure. E: The rule book: if you have any doubt during the game.




GenreCard Game
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 45
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


The Song Of Calirum 76 MB


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Interesting concept, played once but at the moment I wouldn't play twice.

Besides what others said, you should really remove mentions of 'f**k', 'football', 'DJs' and other things that just break the atmosphere and have no other purpose (is this a world with football and DJs? cool, make it look like that then - in which case I even more wouldn't bother playing it, but at least there would be some sense)

Hi SPCTR, thanks for your feedback. Regarding the mentions of F**k, Football, etc… we are having the same discussion internally, other players gave us the same feedback. Besides this, we really would like to know what you did not like in our game.

Besides that and the bugs regarding the text overflowing I think the concept is pretty solid and the execution is quite nice, including the animations and the music. Making it truly immersive by having a coherent (alt) world would be the thing to truly bring this game into its own.

very good game, but please add saving

Good stuff

Awesome game, my only whine is there are a couple of heavy text cards with a few words cut off at the bottom.  Can we get the ability to scroll or turn pages of card text in such cases?

hey thanks for the feedback that is actually a good idea =) i believe we will just cut down a bit of text and make it shorter xD but if we do end up needing some bigger text we will totes implement that =D thx

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very good game.